Life Goes On, by Arthur Michael Renowitzky

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


I am a Bay Area native and my calling in life is to dedicate my actions speaking out the realities of senseless youth violence to high schools, universities, juvenile halls and junior high schools across California. My mission is to spread awareness of the realities of senseless youth violence and how important it is for us and the next generation to promote better lifestyles; even when faced with very challenging realities that many adolescents face today.

I am the founder of a nonprofit organization called LGO (Life Goes On Foundation - that I began after I was shot and paralyzed after walking out an 18+ nightclub in San Francisco simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time, at 20 years old. After I awoke from a long coma from being shot by an individual who commited a horrific act of violence, I faced my new reality; Doctors told me I would never be able to walk or talk again.

A couple weeks later I got my voice back and never took it for granted again. I was strongly inspired by a newly discovered strength and positive attitude to recover and use my experience to help other youth avoid such circumstances. My story is an opportunity to help others understand that all of life’s brick walls can be overcome with a positive attitude and by making the right life decisions that would impact themselves and others.

Participating in the NOH8 Campaign is an opportunity for others to see how many advocates believe in positivity and equal rights. Being in a wheelchair, I have felt discriminated upon others on what I can and cannot do. I believe a person with a disability or any other circumstances that "society" claims is "not normal" limits us to what we can achieve. Realistically, I have learned to live limitlessly with the faith in myself and others; being treated equal is an important key in life everyone should understand and respect. NOH8 and Life Goes On Project truly relays that message.

Kind regards,

Arthur Michael Renowitzky


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