Just Gotta Spread That Love, by Reena

Monday, October 29th, 2012


When I first heard that the photoshoot was in town, it was 30 minutes before the shoot was about to end. I took my hungover, made up face from the night before over to the W because I just had to do it. I cared less how I looked or felt at that moment, but rather the statement I would make. Whenever I saw a NOH8 photo I got these amazing vibes and I just felt LOVE.

Love shouldn't be complex, it shouldn't be judged, everyone deserves it in any form that they feel is right, and no one should be allowed to pass a law forbidding it. I hope one day, love like this will be universally accepted. That’s why I took the pic; to show my support for love and hopefully evoke the same emotion in others when they see it. So that "one day" can come sooner. =)



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