In Partnership and With Love, by Benjamin Phillips-Leseñana

Monday, June 27th, 2011

After 17 years of being together, with the last 3 years legally married, my husband Lonny and I long for the day where equality prevails over discrimination. Recently, an openly gay elected-official had said (and I paraphrase), "...I can officiate marriages, yet unable to get married to someone I love. I can organize blood drives, yet I am unable to donate..."

20391_mediumHow is it in the year of 2011, 2nd class citizenship is still an acceptable part of our society? In this day and age of political hyper-correctness, why is it still acceptable to slight and make fun of those who are gay, overweight, or Muslim in off-collar jokes?

As members of our community are battered and are targets of hate crimes, as our children are bullied for being different, as individuals currently serving within our armed forces do so in silence, it is important for those of us who can speak openly, to do so. These are among the many reasons why taking part with the NOH8 Campaign is personally important to me.

As an out & proud gay Filipino-American within the small business community, I want to encourage others to take steps towards hope not fear, towards equality not disparity, towards kindness not disinterest, and towards advocacy not apathy.

In Partnership and With Love,
Benjamin Phillips-Leseñana




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