I'm not only a survior! I'm a warrior!

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

"Hello Folks,

My name is London (a.k.a #Rouxla)! Some of you know me well and others are getting to know me. I just wanna mention something that is being shared nowadays! I have a #mentalillness! I have suffered with depression and #socialanxiety since i was young and present! Anxiety attacks are horrible, it's a feeling where you can't control your body, the feeling of an inflatable balloon in your throat and crying uncontrollably! Also, trembling and shaking! And there's nothing to calm you down but time... Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy just to be normal! Yes! Being sad hurts, but it's a healthy feeling! Depression is a different story! Most people think it's the feeling of loneliness, hopeless, of course sad but really it's a feeling of being numb constantly! For me, dealing with this type of illness is a daily struggle because most time I feel like I do what I can to make others happy, don't get me wrong my friends and family make me happy but there's always that sense of loneliness & insecurities that still hovers over my head! Pain changes people! it makes some overthink things, trust less, etc. Nowadays I see people talk about #depression as if it's something weak, but coming out of the it other side, Alive, is much stronger than anything they will ever do! What I learned the past couple years is that the bravest thing I EVER did was continuing my life, when i wanted to die! I just want to take the time and say thank you to all my friends and family for being an amazing support system!"



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