I Want to Be Heard by Jaclyn P.

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

I posed with two of my closest friends because we believe in equality. The main reason I decided to pose was that I'm bisexual and my mother is very judgmental and old-fashioned. Unfortunately she raised me to believe that it was wrong to be attracted to girls so I pretty much tried to ignore the impulses until I got involved in my local gay community and felt that I definitely wasn't alone. I've always had friends who were openly gay or bi-sexual and I truly admired their courage to stand up and be who they are.

I was outraged when I heard that they banned same sex marriage. Love is love, no matter what their gender, color or religion. All of the bullying and hate going in this country is absolutely awful and needs to come to an end. This is the sentiment that encouraged me to go on a road trip to Washington D.C. from Philadelphia PA with two awesome friends. Yes it was a long drive but the trip was totally worth it because that day we stood up for what we believe in...Equality and Love.


-Jaclyn P.

NOH8 Open Shoot in Washington, DC


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