I Love Those Who Hate Me, by Teresa and Terry

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Keeping silent is deadly. Yes, I'm a bigender transgender. People tell me I don't exist. I exist very well in this world, for I am writing this.

33589_mediumGrowing up in San Francisco allowed me to be who I really am. However, even if I lived in a liberal city, there were still people who didn't agree with my viewpoints. People don't understand the person I am: I have both the male and female gender inside of me. Yes, I do have two names; one for my female gender and one for my male gender. Teresa and Terry both exist inside of me, and I can't live without either of them. Who am I? I am both. I need both of them to survive.

I know life can be hard for bigenders, but I am here to tell the whole world that the tape on my mouth is only temporary. I will speak out; I will show people that I do exist. I will fight for my rights and for the rights of others. I believe in the NOH8 Campaign: Equal rights aren't equal until EVERYONE has them. I will not stop until this dream becomes a reality.

-Teresa E. Barcenas and Terry Legacy


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