I Can Make a Difference

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


After yes on Prop 8 passed, my girlfriend and I were left in dismay. We had discussed getting married before the vote as a political message in case we didn’t win but we were sure we would win. We were devastated when we were denied our rights. What we opted for instead was to file for a domestic partnership since that is what we had to settle for. Meanwhile, I had not been out with my father. My mother knew but made it clear she wanted nothing to do with it. It became more important than ever to me that my father knew because I couldn’t bear to be silent any longer, and more so in the face of this fight. I came out to my father this year and felt very liberated and it gave me more reason to want to become involved in this campaign. I feel that if I can be a voice for just one person that doesn't have one, then I have made a difference. Visibility and understanding are everything! - Dee Quinones


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