How NOH8 Saved My Life, by Robin

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015


The NOH8 Campaign literally saved my life.

I was a victim of cyber bullying a few years ago, and it hurt me so much to the point where it made me sick. I almost took my life from it because I kept all the pain inside.

I honestly didn't know how to recover from it. I would cry myself to sleep every night asking God to take me out of this world because I felt so hated.

When I discovered the NOH8 campaign, it helped me to see that we are all in this hate together. My experience also brought me closer to the gay community, and I could finally understand how it feels to be judged senselessly. I think to get it, you have to go through hate yourself and know how it feels.

Once I started to read each story of those who gave up or were killed from hate, I realized I have to keep living for them and help to make a difference.

I find myself volunteering whenever I can and when I helped out in San Francisco, I felt so happy to be there. I was able to see the gay community for the beautiful people they are and I even asked my oldest son to help out. We had so much fun. I am forever grateful to your organization for helping me and also bringing the Lesbian and Gay community, and the straight community together.


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