From Privilege to Pride, by Candi & Kristin

Friday, December 28th, 2012

It was shocking how quickly our lives fell apart after coming out later in life. There was a stark contrast between being married to men and having heterosexual privilege and being identified as lesbians. We worked together professionally for many years and were well-respected in our community until we became a couple.
The message of hate and homophobia was not lost on our children and in 2011 our daughters asked us to take them to West Hollywood for the NOH8 Open Photo Shoot for their 18th birthdays. When the NOH8 Campaign came to Fresno in 2012 we were able to include four of our six children and our niece in the picture.
Our family wanted to share this message of equality with the world. We finally wrote a book – From Privilege to PRIDE: Love is the Road -  to tell our story of giving up our civil rights in order to have true love.

Candi Hood & Kristin Beasley, PhD


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