For The Future, by Paula

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012


As a new mother I don't even want to imagine what my son may have to deal with in the future if our world is not changed.

It is not difficult to be tolerant and loving towards others regardless of the path that life puts them on. We are all human beings and should be treated equally in all aspects of life. That is how I was raised, and it is how I will raise my son.

I have friends and family who have been criticized for their sexual orientation and to those who judge them, I say "Shame on you!"

I have been waiting for my chance to be a part of this amazing movement for some time now and when the opportunity came about I was not going to miss it! Adam has created a wonderful thing, and I can't wait to pose for his camera again... and again... and again!

Paula G.


You are gonna be a great mother!

Jim Stone 09/02/2012 02:22

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