Family Isn't Just Biology, by Roger A.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012


When the NOH8 Campaign came to our area, my son and I thought it was time to show the rest of the world that 'family' was defined by love, support, and mutual understanding - not just biology.  With many groups still restricting adoption by gay parents or couples, our voices needed to be heard to prove that a gay man can raise a young man who has his own sexual identity - gay or straight.

Danny may be straight, but he supports me and loves me as unconditionally as I always have him - representing the hope of the next generation.  Bullying and hatred towards any group are foreign concepts to him, and he quickly defends ANYONE who is being mistreated or taken advantage of.  The proudest moment of my life was the day of his adoption. A close second was having him stand by my side in this photo.

Roger and Danny Anderson
Detroit, MI Open Shoot
December 1st, 2011


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