Equal Rights = Human Rights, by Haydin

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014


Over the past year, I have been voicing my opinion on this topic. It's not because the majority of my friends are gay - yes, that does play a big role - but because I don't like seeing people feel like no one is out there that is on their side. Everyone needs an ally, and I have dedicated myself to a lifetime of providing that support.

It's amazing what this campaign has grown into. For me, it's not just about equal rights, it's about human rights. I feel like we still shouldn't be living in a world where people are so afraid of who they are, that they would make the ultimate sacrifice... their life. Nothing is more precious than life, and I would love to see this problem decrease. And it's not just for the LGBT community... it's for all those out there who feel they are too different to be accepted. Whether it's because skin color, body image, sexual preference, etc.

No one deserves to live in fear. Life is too beautiful for that.

- Haydin B., Straight Ally!


Beautifully put, I love the end especially. :)

Caitlynne Carroll 11/15/2014 02:50

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