Don't H8 Your Body by La'Diosa

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

As an on-air personality, model, and beauty pageant Queen you would think I would have a high self-esteem. What people really don't know or see is that I am actually very shy and very self conscious about my body. I've always had a small figure from childhood through teenage years and still do now.

18523_mediumDue to my extremely high metabolism, people would think that I don't eat or that I had an eating disorder. But if there is one thing that I do have, it's love for food! Without a doubt! I guess some would say I have a blessing and a curse. Most would compliment me and say "I wish I had your figure," while others would say "You look like a walking stick figure". Truthfully, though it may not have shown, there have been times where I have cried when someone has called me skinny.

So why did I choose to pose "topless," you may ask? Because I am slowly but surely starting to accept my body for what it is. After working with the NOH8 team at the W Fort Lauderdale in Florida in March 2011 and meeting so many great people, they made me feel comfortable with who I am inside and out. There is NO reason to be ashamed of who you are, what you stand for, what you look like, or what size clothes you wear.

We are ALL equal and I take pride in my body size!





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