VICTORY - One Massive Step Forward

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Earlier today, President Barack Obama officially signed the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, effectively terminating the longstanding 17-year policy that prevented gay and lesbian servicemembers from serving openly in the US military. While the certification and implementation of the repeal will still take some time and the ramifications of this discriminatory policy continue to be heard across the country, we're incredibly proud of ALL our current and former gay and lesbian servicemen and celebrate this victory with them today. The DADT Repeal is a massive step toward realizing equal rights for all men and women in this country.


Lt. Dan Choi                                                            Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach


Christopher Landavazo                                                                   Joseph C. Rocha

Many NOH8 Supporters have been outspoken on the issues of Don't Ask Don't Tell, including Lt. Dan Choi, Cops4Cause's Christopher Landavazo, Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, and most recently Joseph Christopher Rocha. For those who watched the televised signing, you may have noticed Lt. Dan Choi and Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach standing behind the President. We thank these men for becoming the face of today's DADT Repeal Movement, and encourage our supporters to read more about their experiences in the military under Don't Ask Don't Tell.

To Those Men and Women who have served or continue to serve under Don't Ask Don't Tell:

To have done what each and every one of you has done in keeping your silence for the sake of fighting for your country and keeping it safe for nearly two decades; that shows incredible character. For those who were discharged and for those who spoke out while still in active duty; your courage and bravery has set the standard for future generations.

Whether you spoke out or not, you were commited to protecting the rights of everyone in this country; even though many of those rights didn't and still don't extend to you (including equal marriage rights).  All of your sacrifices will NEVER be forgotten, and we have each and every one of you to thank for a long time to come. Future gays and lesbians who wish to enlist in the military owe you so, so much; and we hope you realize what an integral part you've played in not only our history, but our future.

Thank you.


I LOVE these photos as well as the brave people in them!! Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach
is my favorite though because even though I am not in the military that whole "don't ask, don't tell" NEVER made any sense to me. These Soldiers are fighting for everyone's rights so why shouldn't they have the same ones?

Mandee 03/19/2011 22:54

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