In Regards to Ms. McCain's Participation

Saturday, November 20th, 2010



Ms. McCain spoke out through our campaign earlier this year in support of marriage equality, and willingly volunteered her time and effort to participate in our latest Anti-Bullying PSA.  She has expressed her unwavering support of the NOH8 Campaign, and has played an important role in helping to bring our message to arenas in which it hadn’t yet been introduced.  We do not have any explanations for her tweet subsequent to the release of the PSA, and refer any inquiries on that topic to Ms. McCain herself.

We are aware of the controversy that her tweet has created, and thank those who have taken the time to share their thoughtful, and oftentimes, thought-provoking comments.  Participation is vital to our objective of promoting dialogue and the exchange of ideas.  That having been said, we've also been shocked by the amount of bullying and vitriolic name-calling that has ironically taken place in response to this situation.

We would encourage people to take a moment to realize the effect that their words and actions have on others.  Regardless of the reason, it's never okay to bully somebody for being different; and that includes those who might not agree with you.  Calling people names and vilifying them is not going to help anybody, anywhere; and we hope that from this point on, people will take that into consideration before they tweet, post, or say anything hateful and hurtful.

The most important goal at the end of the day is to focus on the message of our Anti-Bullying PSA. It is clear that we have a long way to go.  However, together we can and must put an end to bullying and discrimination. It's about saving lives, and making things better - for everyone.


Thank you...

Sarah Adrian 11/20/2010 14:54

Grow a spine and remove her from the PSA. She does not support equality for gays. She is simply talking out of both sides of her mouth and you are letting it happen. Her position on DADT can not coexist with support of NOH8, because DADT is H8, plain and simple. How can you claim to support equality for the LGBT community and speak out against bullying and harassing of homosexuals while at the same time supporting a policy was created to fundamentally exclude gays from serving their country? This woman is vile and does not shine a positive light on your cause.

Chance Hamlin 11/23/2010 15:59

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