Choosing yourself over anything else comes at a high price

Friday, September 30th, 2022

Choosing yourself over anything else comes at a high price.

Before I started my fitness/wellness journey I hit rock bottom and was in an intense state of depression where I lacked basic self care and needs for months, even years. Most people don't realize that Depression is much more than "feeling unhappy". It's the feeling of seeing the world in black and grey where it's always down pouring without the thought of learning to dance in rain. Also, it's when things that you once loved don't seem to excite you anymore.

Post Pandemic, 2 years into my fitness/wellness journey I've never felt so genuinely better mentally & physically. During the process, I took a lot of time to self reflect on my connections I have with family, work, friendships, etc. I did lose some people along the way & removed myself from friend groups that weren't even supportive of my healthy life changing decision. Present Day, I can honestly say that I healed and got over most of the pain. This is the first time in my life that feel genuinely happy without disguising a smile that hid so much emotional damage. I'm so incredibly thankful for the ones who stayed and took the time to listen me & forgiving me. They welcomed me back with open arms.

My advice to everyone: When your friends tell you that they are depressed, don't ask them what they are "sad" about, just BE THERE for them and LISTEN. That speaks volumes.

Hang on to the ones that continuously uplift you. Choose people who love you, too. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. You are stronger than ever!

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