Choose Equality by Melissa Bell

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011


I am a straight female living in Los Angeles, CA.  I am a supporter of the NOH8 Campaign because I believe strongly in having a CHOICE.  I think that the primitive way of thinking where everyone does and lives the same way is not only outdated but unrealistic and limiting.  Love does not know boundaries, color, sexual is selfless and applies to all things, regardless of where something or someone is at.

To deny someone their right and their choice to be with who they love is not fair, and it is not God-like at all. I feel that just because someone chooses a different path than the one we have chosen for ourselves, does not give us the right to pass judgment against them.  Equality for all is about choice.

If we spend more time focusing on our own actions versus attempting to evaluate those around us, we would grow and learn more as a society.

Melissa Bell


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