Celebrating Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


It was an opportunity of a lifetime to join the NOH8 Campaign when it all came down to a local photo shoot that we could hit. To Baltimore and Club Hippo, NOH8 and volunteers: thank you! Finally, we got our chance to make a statement regarding equality for every one of us as well as victims of bullying. We put our camera-shy faces into it with pride, and gratitude to the NOH8 Campaign.

We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year and felt there was nothing better than to include our faces for this cause. We hope for the day in our lifetimes we will see equality for all loving couples that choose to make the commitment to marriage just as much as we want the bullying in our school systems to stop. Now.

If this is reaching someone feeling like an outcast, or reject of society, please know that you aren't alone. If you simply want to walk hand-in-hand with your partner any place you go, please know that there are many of us that dream of that day with you.

John and Chris


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