Be Proud of Who You Are, by Neha

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

I chose to volunteer and pose for NOH8 because I want to show people how, even though it is difficult, I am PROUD of who I am. People should not be ashamed to live their life, in whatever manner they choose to live their life, and be themselves. Coming from an immigrant family that is opposed to anything but heteronormative, I know how hard it is to shatter that mold and keep working hard to make it ok for people to feel comfortable to be out in that kind of community.

I am lucky to live in this generation that is making huge strides for equality. I am extremely proud of the person I love. Though the journey is difficult it will make me a stronger person. Who I love though, however, is not all of who I am, though a significant part. I work hard in every aspect of my life, so there is no reason for anyone to ever dismiss me and my acheivements.

Be proud of who you are.




4 / 5 / 2012


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