Athlete Ally's Anti-Discrimination Petition to University of Nebraska

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012


Athlete Ally and Outsports have joined forces to petition the University of Nebraska to support its LGBT community and take action by cutting ties with Assistant Football Coach Ron Brown. The petition seeks to uphold the integrity of the University of Nebraska's nondiscrimination policy - designed to "foster a climate of inclusion and mutual respect" - citing Brown's recent testimony in opposition of an Omaha ordinance that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation while promoting his position as a University of Nebraska football coach. In addition, openly gay member of the Lincoln Board of Education Barbara Baier has called for Ron Brown's firing.

"It is the policy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln not to discriminate based upon age, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, gender, sex, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran's status marital status, religion and political affiliation." - University of Nebraska Nondiscrimination Policy

"We believe that a coach at any university must be equipped to mentor and empower a diverse student body, including LGBT individuals, regardless of his or her religious beliefs. Sports are an important part of many individuals’ lives and everyone should feel comfortable accessing them with dignity and respect, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation." - Athlete Ally Petition

The arguments boil down to the idea that Ron Brown's public comments create a negative atmosphere that impacts LGBT students and their supporters, ultimately violating the nondiscrimination policy. For example, in response to a question asking how Brown might deal with a gay teammate, he responded: "I think Christians should love a homosexual teammate just like they would any other teammate. Let me tell you what else is in that locker room. There are thieves, liars, people who lust, people addicted to pornography, even some players who are alcoholics. There are all kinds of sinners in that locker room. You put your arms around that person struggling with homosexuality and you help walk him or her to the truth of Jesus Christ, just as you would any other player involved in any other sin."

You can read more about Outsports' coverage on Ron Brown here. In the meantime, we encourage you to also check out and share Athlete Ally's petition by clicking here.


Athlete Ally is a resource to encourage athletes, coaches, parents, fans and other members of the sports community to respect all individuals involved in sports, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. The organization was founded by NOH8 Supporter Hudson Taylor, who continues to spearhead the petition.



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