Actor Trevor Wright for NOH8

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013


A few years back I starred in a little movie called SHELTER in which I played a young guy named Zach who realized he liked other guys. He also realized that it was more important to put others before self, and that with being true to your own self, you could find reciprocal love, even family, and have them both while fulfilling your goals and dreams. Your purpose.

This story really seemed to resonate with a lot of young people, particularly gay people, male and female, who in Zach saw a role model, an inspiration for themselves. A day hasn’t gone by since I made SHELTER where I am not reminded via letter, Facebook post or tweet just how important this film, story and character is to those, worldwide, who have seen and been moved by it. People who have been bullied and continue to be bullied. People who daily and courageously fight hatred and rejection on their journey to discover and obtain the simple God-given right to love and be loved.

Somehow, the character I played in SHELTER has provided hope and strength to these beautiful people, and they humble me with their gratitude and praise. But it is I who praise all those who struggle to be true to themselves and love who they wish. And it is I who remain eternally thankful as an actor and human being to have been able, through Zach, to speak for those searching for their inner truth, the courage to express that truth, and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of finding true love. These are the same things the NOH8 Campaign stands for, and so it is my honor to stand with them in the continuing battle against prejudice and ignorance. The tide has turned. Haters are on the wrong side of history. Live and let LOVE people.

- Trevor Wright


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