A World of NOH8, by Jeff

Friday, December 28th, 2012

My name is Jeff and I grew up in the middle of the Bible-Belt. I was told my entire life that me and my kind were going to hell. I felt as though there was no love in the world for me.

That could not have be further from the truth. I met my partner and discovered what true love was. Then, 4 years later our beautiful son came into our lives and changed every aspect of it. So I want to be heard by all the so-called Christians that said we were not loved and by all the younger people that are told that as well.

We are loved! And if my life is any indication of how much God loves us, then we are truly, beautifully, loved. My live is not perfect and it is far from easy, but I have known a love now that I never knew existed.

So want to be heard telling everyone that this should be a world of NOH8. Where we stand together and support each other.

So if nothing else, HEAR THIS: I Love you and the Creator loves you too.

-Jeff & Family



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