A Spiritual Awakening, by Becky N.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

To make a long story short, I'm a second generation "Fruit Fly." I have grown up with the gay community my entire life and both of my parents are completely accepting of the gay community. They are not just accepting of the Gay community; they raised us accepting everyone and anyone.
I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which isn't so accepting or understanding at all.  As I grew up and my friends came out, I would see the struggles they would have to endure. The loss of family, friends, jobs, etc...  Or even the fear and disgust in other peoples eyes.
When I think about it, I honestly tear up. The Gay community has ALWAYS been there for me and I want to show them my support in any way.

I was inspired by and have followed the NOH8 Campaign since 2008 and the Human Rights Campaign since the early 90's but have only supported through donations. I have really wanted to get involved; truly involved.

So, cut to now; in January of 2010 I had a kind of spiritual or soul awakening. During that time I went to San Francisco and basically fell in love with it. I have been done for awhile with wanting to do voiceovers, be in the "industry," and live in Los Angeles.  
I want do something with my life that really has meaning and is dear to my heart. That something is to dedicate myself to Equality for the LGBT community, to help in any way I can to give the LGBT community the ability to get married, serve in the military, have families, and live a "normal" life (a colorful one with a lot of love).

I'm moving up to San Francisco around March and going to go back to school to study Sociology. I eventually want to become a teacher and work at a school like the Harvey Milk Academy.  Adam (Bouska) truly inspired me as a straight woman to be someone who does something meaningful. It's all about love in the end!

That's my story.



Thank you. Awesome and beautiful, you are. Gay People bring Beauty and Love and Light to this planet that so desperately needs it Thank you to you and your wonderful family and friends!

Mark Harris 11/09/2011 12:31

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