Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Saturday, July 4th, 2009 11:59 PM PST

Happy 4th of July everybody! We hope you all have a fun and safe weekend with your friends and family. Make sure to check out your local fireworks! :)

On the day we're celebrating our country's independence and freedom from oppression, it's important that we don't forget that our community is still fighting for ours. The majority of our country is still deciding the rights of the minority, which is incredibly ironic when you think about it, given what our Independence Day is supposed to represent. They're refusing to separate church and state in the process, which makes it even worse.

Every American deserves to be equal, no matter what race, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or any number of other characteristics. Until state legislation like Prop 8 is repealed and gay and lesbians all over the country are granted federal marriage equality, we're never going to be as "free" as our fellow citizens.

That's why we all have to keep on fighting the good fight, and hopefully someday soon we'll be celebrating our own freedom from oppression!

To celebrate the 4th and help us remember what we're fighting for, we thought we'd share a few of our recent additions to the campaign roster!


American Idol stars Mikalah Gordon and Blake Lewis showed up last week willing to silence themselves for our cause, as well as publicist BJ Coleman, TV Host Dave Holmes, and comedian Erin Foley, and actor Kadeem Hardison.



House of Payne star Denyce Lawton, High School Musical's Oleysa Rulin, Days of Our Lives' Taylor Spreitler and actress Tatyana Ali are just some of our recent actresses joining the campaign.


From the reality spectrum, we have Brooke Knows Best star and choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard with his boyfriend, model Daniel Miagany, Survivor's Sugar, and Big Brother-alum, celebrity stylist Marcellas Reynolds.




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