Familiar Faces Part 2


What a breathtaking beauty! I'm crazy for him! Will Adam Lambert be the next one?

GabrielCifer 12/16/2010 06:28

To add to the physical beauty of this photo, Tommy is just as beautiful on the inside. He loves and cares with all his heart, sincerely and passionately. He's the perfect "face" for the NOH8 campaign.

HannaBec 12/16/2010 08:50

The thing about this picture is...Tommy isn't just a gorgeous creature, but also a wonderful, amazing person. Inside and out. Extremely tolerant and positive. His soul is even prettier than his face. So happy he chose to contribute to this amazing campaign! I hope Adam will be next:)

Ioana Dutu 12/16/2010 11:35

This pic is just amazing!! Tommy is the most beautiful human being I ever saw in my whole life and to know that he's doing this amazing photoshot for a very good cause makes him even more stunning!! He's really gorgeous, inside and out! When I first saw a pic of him almost 2 years ago I knew my life would never be the same again. I will be a passionate Tommy fan until my last breath, I swear. I love him deeply <333

Glória Conde 12/16/2010 14:01

stunningly beautiful~
thanks to NOH8 & @bouska for the amazing photo!

end H8

Carmen Too 12/16/2010 15:52

Such a beautiful picture - the eyes are mesmerising. This is such an amazing cause and it just shows how much he cares that he shows his support. I love that he is so comfortable with his image and doesn't bow to what society says is 'normal'. He totally stands for what NOH8 is promoting and I love him for it :o)

Mandy Wells 12/16/2010 16:22

Omg what a beauty <3

Mia Prce 12/21/2010 15:43

Omg what a beauty. Adam and Tommy should do a group photo, and Adam should be the next one to take a NO H8 picture <3

Mia Prce 12/21/2010 15:45

Beautiful! Can't wait for Adam Lambert to do one! (: <33

Christina Cardillo-zallo 12/21/2010 19:10

The most beautiful picture and the most beautiful person. He and Adam should definetly do a group shot. That picture would be even more stunning. I'm so glad that Tommy supported such a wonderful cause.

Carlina Savage 12/22/2010 17:05

To me this is the best picture by far! He has stunning beauty and in my opinion him and Adam should do one together! Adam should do one to!

AftermathFever 12/30/2010 12:49

Stunning! He's so gorgeous!

Now all we need is adam to do one!

KazLikesGlitter 12/30/2010 22:46

Love the contrast. Angelic beauty with the horror movie tats. Straight man who is not afraid to be " pretty". Challenging those stero types, love it. So great you included him. Off to buy the photo!

Michele san Miguel 01/01/2011 19:19

Nice photo. I want a group photo too, Tommy and Adam, that would be pretty cool.

Caitlyn Pollack 04/19/2011 15:36

Nice photo. I want a group photo too, Tommy and Adam, that would be pretty cool.

Caitlyn Pollack 04/19/2011 15:39

<3 Hugged him at Adams show in Glasgow last year

Douglas Smith 05/08/2011 17:11

I have never seen someone so perfect in my life!! He is the PERFECT face for NOH8 because he is the most loving, caring, and open person I have ever met!!!

Sam 06/23/2011 09:46

OMG! that is way to pretty 0_o luv this guy! He is soooo beautiful!!!!!!!

Joann Hughes 08/25/2011 10:47

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