Why I Posed by Mikelina Belaineh

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

First off let me say how much I appreciate you guys coming down to Texas A&M and doing the photoshoot, it was truly an amazing event to get Texas A&M moving in the right (and less hateful) direction. The fact that we had no protesters says a lot.


I posed and volunteered at the NOH8 photoshoot because first off I am in love with my partner (in the picture with me) and have committed my life to her. I feel that this commitment is not only a huge commitment for us, but for any couple whether gay or straight. The fact that we don't have marriage equality in the United States minimizes this commitment, as though it's not as good as a commitment made between a man and a woman.

We are being treated as second-class citizens while the U.S. Government conveniently ignores the "full faith and credit clause" in the constitution, specifically protecting married couples legitimacy as they cross state lines. It seems as though the constitution protects the rights of U.S. citizens, but only if you fit the mold they assign you. Marriage equality is a necessity that we will achieve, but we'll have to work for it. And I feel that these NOH8 photoshoots are one way many people can make their contribution, and make a stand.

--Mikelina Belaineh
Texas A&M GLBTA Organization Executive Member


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