NOH8 Just Aloha by Jenn Laganse

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010


The reason i posed was because i wanted to show the aloha spirit. When we're raised in Hawaii a lot of us local kids are taught to respect one another. Which is why when you come to the islands, you will see the diversity of our community and all of us share that aloha spirit with one another. A lot of people know that aloha is used as a "hello" and "goodbye." Aloha also refers to the term "love." With the aloha spirit we can show what NOH8 is all about. Nothing but love. I want to show that despite me being raised in a strict catholic family i was still able to come out to my family and friends and everyone loved me for me. I am able to be myself and be proud that i'm bisexual. When I came out to my parents my dad told me, "Nothing will ever change the fact that I Love you." NOH8 is very important to me, because i want to bring awareness that we're all the same and we shouldn't be hating one another. We're all human and we're all equal. NOH8 guys....JUST ALOHA! =)


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