Because Love Matters, by Krystal

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Three times classical music pianist winner (Dallas), Former 1996 Prom Queen Winner, Teen Pageant Best Dress Winner, Teen Pageant Best Talent Award, Teen academic awards, Published Testimonial Story in GO TELL IT! By Debby Efurd, Gospel Community choir singer and God Lover.


I volunteered at the NOH8 photo shoot in Dallas, Texas to assist all who came from different parts of life. I met a lot of different people who’ve made a decision to come out and join the NOH8 movement to express their feelings on how the world would be a much better place if people would learn how to practice not to judge one another. I volunteered because I wanted to extend to others a forgiven love of Christ Jesus, which Christ offers regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, weight, height or disabilities including their background of achievements.

While people are relying on someone else's good luck wishes, I learn to love people based on their true efforts in succeeding. Regardless of whom they are. Be happy with people's accomplishments instead of choosing to bully them. I chose to release anger and Love everyone. I choose peace over war.

I gave my previous awards back simply because though I earned it, I wasn’t a troubled maker as a teenager; nor a hateful girl, I was just being who I was. So regardless of how pure and genuine that I was to my peers, the NOH8 Campaign gave me the opportunity to express that regardless how other people’s opinions are formed against me, I believe in FORGIVENESS OF LOVE.

After I’ve met others at the NOH8 event, I talked to people who have experienced anti-bullying as a teenager like myself; they were hated on just for simply succeeding - but they're adults now and I learned that Christ's Love needs to be extended out to just about everyone who will receive it. GOD Is Love. And there is nothing that a person cannot do to make Christ’s love, love anyone lesser!




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